Roman sarcophagus, Archaeological museum, Split, Croatia, September 2004. Photographed on Bluefire Police 35mm film.

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last updated November 25, 2012

  • Bluefire Police grainless high-resolution film. A highly useful medium-speed (EI 80) 35mm film for technical and expressive photography. Can be enlarged beyond the resolution limit of any commercially-available lens. 

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  • Click here to see what gorilla whiskers look like from 60 feet away when photographed with Bluefire Police processed in Bluefire HR developer.

    Click here to see examples of this film in use as an extreme-enlargement pictorial film.


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Click here to see Bluefire Police used to record grainless images just a few microns wide, making a photolithographic mask for micro-machining.

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  • Bluefire Murano color print film in 127 roll film size.

    Hobart Building, San Francisco, September 2006. Photographed on Bluefire Murano 160.
    Camera: Yashica 44 127 TLR.

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  • Bluefire HR high-resolution, ultra-low contrast developer for pictorial images on Bluefire Police film

  • Bluefire Micro high contrast developer for technical and microfilm images on Bluefire Police film

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  • Bluefire brand photo chemicals:
  • Bluefire Spotstat photographic wetting agent
  • Bluefire fixer

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  • On-line photo processing service for Bluefire Police and Bluefire Murano films


  • Bluefire developing, scanning, and printing service for old, unusual, obsolete, and damaged films.

Is it worth sending in an old film for processing? If your film is blank, or has no printable images, your processing fee is refunded. You risk only the postage. Click here for a discussion of the value of old films.

Processing service is temporarily unavailable from Bluefire Laboratories while we catch up on backlog and re-work our order management system. 

We recommend Film Rescue International for obsolete film processing, and Blue Moon Camera for processing fresh or recently-outdated films.


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