Donge, photographed at the Calgary Zoo, using a high-quality 180mm f2.8 lens at a distance of approximately 60 ft (20m). The film, Bluefire Police, has essentially no visible grain, making it possible to capture detail that is ordinarily impossible to record.

A sad note:

Calgary, August 14, 2007

Donge, a 22-year-old western lowland gorilla that had been at the zoo since she was three years old, was put to sleep Friday. She had been suffering from an inflammatory intestinal disease, called diverticulitis, for years and never quite recovered from her last surgery.

"From the last surgery she had probably ten days ago now, she was not bouncing back and her condition worsened," Garth Irvine, the zoo's gorilla keeper, told CTV Calgary on Monday. "It was a struggle to get medications into her and a struggle to get food into her, she just continued to get worse."




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