using Bluefire® Police film and Bluefire Micro developer

In late 2009, Dr. James Hoyland, of the University of Southern Denmark,
reported success using Bluefire Police 35mm film and Bluefire Micro developer in creating micro-images
useful for fabricating structures measured in tens of microns across

Excerpts from Dr. Hoyland's report:

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our first results with Bluefire Police.

...our objective was to produce 100 micron wide channels in PDMS (silicone rubber). I started by printing the design onto A0 size paper using an inkjet printer. I then photographed the print using an SLR loaded with Bluefire Police 35mm film... and developed it using the Bluefire Micro developer.

The next step was to take a silicon wafer and spin coat a UV-curing epoxy called SU-8 onto it to thickness of about 100 microns. The developed Bluefire negative is placed on top of the SU-8 and the whole thing exposed to UV light for a few seconds. The negative is removed and the SU-8 is placed in a developer which strips away anywhere that was not exposed to UV light (i.e. the black parts of the negative or the white paper of the original print). What's left is our design standing up in relief to a height of 100 microns. ...

(Images showing a) "cross" are of a junction between four channels on the structure. Width of the channels is nominally 100 microns...

(Images showing Vs) are of a small angle structure which was one of several I included to test the definition of the process. On the negative the finest ... structure lines are theoretically 10 microns wide...

All in all we are very pleased with these initial results...

... normally, instead of 35mm film we use a specially designed mask etched in thin chromium film on quartz plates. They have to made "out of house", they cost a small fortune and have to be ordered weeks in advance... the cost/time savings are an excellent payoff...


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